About Us

From the Desk of MD
Dear friends,
It gives me great pleasure to represent Nirav Biosolutions .We truly appreciate the support we have received from our cherished customers and partners. We are new, its just a year old baby, but with well defined GOAL and ability to carve the path we are able to make our presence. This is because of our well experienced and qualified but humble staff.

At NBS, we are “passionate" about what we do, and we enjoy the challenge of solving our clients’ problems – the more complex the better! This takes an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to continuously grow one's skills/knowledge, and the willingness to take reasonable risks.

Our commitment to improve our processes, skills and knowledge is relentless. We are responsive to the expectations of our customers and partners. To remain competitive we continually improve all aspects of the business, even those that are already surpassing world-wide standards. We are never too old or too good to learn or try new ideas

The relationship we share with our clients is one of” mutual growth”. They rely on our market knowledge and we rely on their need for our skill. To show our respect for this mutually beneficial relationship we commit to quality services and the protection and enhancement of their business

We are “accountable” for all our actions. We keep our promises because we only promise what we can deliver and this applies to the entire process from product enquiry, order execution, shipment of the product to the after sales assistance.

The uniqueness of NBS is we believe in open, honest and frequent communication and demonstrate this through our open door policy. We emphasize working together as team with clients and collaborating to provide solutions.

At NBS "sustainability" is a crucial term for our business, and we take special care in ensuring that our initiatives have a positive impact on our partners. This requires us to achieve a balance between short and long-term concerns and between the needs of our customers and our company.

We are “proud “of our company and are committed to preserving its assets and resources. We also respect the environment by implementing principles of sustainable development and efficient management of resources. We have the highest regard for the countries, states and communities that accommodate our activities.

We look forward to your support in our new endeavors and share our success in the coming years.

With regards and good wishes!

Vaishali Sharma
Managing Director