Product offering mainly includes the following
• PCR Reagents
• QPCR Reagents
• Plastic Consumables
• PCR Instruments and Accessories
• Biostorage Racks


Abnova is the world's largest antibody manufacturer .Abnova is a bio-tool proteomic company specializing in automated, high throughput protein expression and antibody production
Abnova offers a unique complete monoclonal antibody and protein experience for our customer that is different from traditional custom production companies and laboratories.


BD Biosciences is a world leader in bringing innovative diagnostic and research tools to life scientists, clinical researchers, laboratory professionals and clinicians who are involved in basic research, drug discovery and development, biopharmaceutical production and disease management. The BD Biosciences segment is focused on continually advancing the science and applications associated with cellular analysis and products that help grow living cells and tissue.

Discovery Labware

High Quality Pipettes, Tips and Pipette Calibration Services. Biohit's liquid handling products - electronic and mechanical pipettes and disposable pipette tips - are used globally in research institutions, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories. The majority of electronic pipettes used worldwide are developed and manufactured by Biohit.


Biogentek, one of India 's premier biotechnology enterprise, has been breaking new grounds in the field of biotechnology and microbiological research for over a decade now. Ever since its inception, Biogentek, have truly been working with the philosophy of “Total Customer Satisfaction”, may it be by virtue of instrumentation supplied or the related after sales services rendered to our valued customers.


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Contract research services have been the core strength of Chromous Biotech with satisfied customers from prominent Research Institutes and Universities apart from a few Pharma Companies in India.
Chromous Biotech produces reagents, enzymes and kits for all related areas of biology research. This includes PCR enzymes and reagents, Restriction Endonucleases, DNA/ RNA ladders, Research kits, Teaching kits, small laboratory instruments and plastic consumables                         


The Fisher BioReagents brand offers essential reagents pre-qualified for dedicated applications, eliminating the need for testing. Our high-purity products are designed for a range of applications in the areas of molecular biology, protein chemistry and cell biology.


Finnzymes, founded in 1986, is a leader in the development of PCR, quantitative real-time PCR, transposon and RNA technologies. Our aim is to develop products which make the difference, products that deliver results not achievable otherwise.

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Leica Microsystems is a leading global designer and producer of innovative high-tech precision optics systems for the analysis of microstructures.
It is one of the market leaders in the fields of Microscopy, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, Imaging Systems, Specimen Preparation and Medical Equipment.
The company manufactures a broad range of products for numerous applications requiring microscopic imaging, measurement and analysis. It also offers system solutions in the areas of Life Science including biotechnology and medicine, as well as the science of raw materials and industrial quality assurance.

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Millipore is trusted partner for more than 50 years has supported Scientist and Engineers with a continuum of cutting edge tools, technologies and application solutions to ensure success in your research, development and production. We understand the complexity of Life Science research and can support you in your most difficult challenges in cell biology, stem cell biology, protein research, and cell signaling. We provide innovative products for the isolation and purification of biomolecules and the analysis of their form and function. Our offerings address: adhesion, antibodies, biomarkers, cell culture, cell structure, clinical diagnostics & infectious disease, epigenetics, general & sterile filtration, genomics, immunoassays & multiplexing, metabolic disease & metabolism, and neuroscience.

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Titan Biotech Limited is serving the Scientific Community for more than a decade to meet their needs and has always endeavor to provide high quality products and excellent level of services through the network of authorized dealers in India as well as abroad. State of the art manufacturing facilities, quality standard, impeccable technical mastery and latest technology are customer centric. Continuous development of newer products and exports to around 35 countries all over the world in a short span of time is an exceptional achievement of the organization