Research Products


      1. Medias for Plant tissue culture and Animal Tissue Culture
      2. Anhydrous Ready to use Media’s for Cell culture and Microbiology
      3. Media Supplements, buffers, Antibiotics and Growth Factors
      4. Peptones and Gelling Agents
      5. Serum for Animal tissue Culture


      1. Labwares
      2. Filter papers ,Membrane and holders
      3. Tissue Culture slides, plates and Flask
      4. Serological Pipettes and pipette tips
      5. PCR tubes, strips and Plates
      6. ECM coated Plates
      7. Elisa and Elispot and Filter Plates


      1. Molecular Biology Products
      2. PCR and RT-PCR kits
      3. Restriction Enzymes
      4. Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Kits
      5. Oligos and Master  Mix
      6. Agarose


        • Protein Research Products
        • Primary and Secondary Antibodies
        • Total and Compartmental Protein Extraction Kits
        • Protein Concentration and Desalting devices
        • Protein Purification columns
        • Small volume protein purification for MALDI application
        • Elisa, Elispot, IP, IHC, ChIP, ICC and Western Blotting Kits and reagents
        • PAGE, Blotting Membranes, Detection reagents and Buffers for Electrophoresis
        • Peptides