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Nirav Biosolutions – Who are we?

With a humble beginning from 50 sq. ft. Balcony office with 2 team members in 2012 to 2500 sq. ft. office in 2022 it has been an amazing journey. A journey of Passion for Science, Willingness to serve the Scientific community, adding value to all our stakeholders and contributing to society. But, if we go by reviewing year on year basis, it is a mesmerizing story untold and unshared.
Nirav Biosolutions was founded in March 2012, with a vision to become preferred solution provider in the life-sciences and biotechnology industry, having brand promise – Solutions For Sure!
NBS is a Value driven organization, each team member believes and live by these values. At NBS, we strive for Customer Delight. Driving force behind all our strategies is one of our values Perform to reform. We believe that we will able to serve better if we Collaborate to Contribute. We strive to exceed expectations by following the philosophy of Process Orientation.
The entire thought process of getting into business comes from a mindset of identifying gaps and fulfilling them with solutions. Our trading activity started with a thought process of providing scientific solutions instead of products.
Our Efforts were recognized with following awards: Awards & Recognition

  • “The Best Organization in Implementation of Process and Systems” by Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum.
  • “Fastest Growing Biotech Company” by Insight Magazine
  • “Fastest Growing Channel Partner” in 2016 – 17 by Invitrogen Bioservices India Pvt. Ltd.
  • “Channel in 100 Million Club” in 2018 – 19 by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Moving ahead we started training in applied biology, to empower biologist to be job ready and perform better in their scientific journey, with the vision to provide equal opportunities of skill development for Rural and Urban.
Our lab had a clear vision to provide infrastructure of sophisticated instrument and take the academic research to greater level.
Looking back, it seems just yesterday when we started the journey. Throughout the decade long journey, we have successfully continued to provide solutions, and introduced in-house research facility and training programs for students and aspiring biologists with the vision to provide equal opportunities of skill development for Rural and Urban area students.
We have tailored our products and services to accelerate the research process in the life- science sector.
Our training programs gives practical experience in Cancer Biology, Immunology, Technology Training, Molecular Biology, Toxicology, GLP and Bioinformatics Training. Each of our solution is derived from a deep thought of bridging the gap between technology and researchers.
Our research services offer varied solutions including, Flow-cytometry, Luminex Multiplex Bead Array, RT-PCR, Cell culture, Immunology, Sanger Sequencing, NGS, Bioinformatics and Plant Molecular Biology.


Dear Stakeholders,

It is with immense pleasure and heartfelt gratitude I am expressing my feelings , as we reflect on the journey of Nirav Biosolutions. The story of our company is a testament to the remarkable power of vision, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

The very genesis of Nirav Biosolutions was marked by an exhilarating sense of purpose and potential. The excitement that surrounded our establishment stemmed from the profound belief in the impact that biotechnology could have on shaping a better world. From the very beginning, we embarked on this journey with a resolute commitment to serve to scientific community and a shared aspiration to make a difference. At Nirav Biosolutions, our purpose and vision transcend boundaries. We are more than a company; we are a collective force dedicated to harnessing the potential of biotechnology to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Our aim has always been clear – to create solutions that enhance healthcare, improve agriculture, and contribute to a sustainable future. With every step we take, we move closer to realising a world where science and compassion converge for the greater good.

Our journey has been paved with accomplishments that stand as milestones of our dedication. From breakthrough services we provided to NIV which offered hope in those critical circumstances to training students from rural areas and increasing their employability , we have made our mark in the biotech industry . But our accomplishments go beyond accolades; they signify our unwavering commitment to serve , collaborate, and progress.

Looking forward, my vision for Nirav Biosolutions is to build upon our foundation of excellence. We are poised to embrace the future with open arms, ready to lead in the realm of biotechnology. I envision us as pioneers, driving transformative change through revolutionary research, partnerships that amplify our impact, and an unwavering commitment to ethical practices.

It is important to acknowledge the remarkable works that have shaped our journey. From our dedicated team members to our esteemed partners, we stand on the shoulders of those who have relentlessly pursued the boundaries of scientific exploration. Our journey has been marked by the courage to challenge norms, the audacity to dream big, and the resilience to overcome obstacles.

As we continue our journey together, let us remember that the pursuit of knowledge and innovation is not merely a career – it is a calling. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate, and inspire. Our story is far from complete, and together, we will script a future that holds promise, progress, and endless possibilities.

Thank you for being part of our extraordinary journey.

With warm regards,

Vaishali Sharma
Director, Nirav Biosolutions


Ms. Vaishali Sharma

B.E. (Instrumentation), PGDM (Operations)

Mrs. Vaishali Sharma the co-founder and Managing Director of “Nirav Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd.” is a visionary Social Entrepreneur. She oversees operations for R&D, Marketing, Product Management and Training Services. As being one of the founder member, she has been prominent in handling critical roles such as Human Assets management, raising funds for growing business demands and administration.

Her expertise is in setting up business processes, business expansion and Team development. She’s passionate about training and developing human assets, not just for the organization but also for the life science industry and the nation. Mrs. Vaishali is also an active member of “Vasundhara Abhiyan”, “Samartha Bharaat” other various platforms for child education.

Mr. Pravin Sharma

B. Pharm, PGDM (Sales & Marketing)

Mr. Sharma, the Co-Founder and Business Head with an experience of Sales and Marketing of 11 years with Pfizer and Millipore. His technical know-how about the applications in Life Sciences and a strong connect with the Scientific community in Research, Academics and Industry has helped the organization to build a knowledge based organization with sustainable growth in last decade.

He is a key member for strategic partnerships with world-class brands to provide product offerings to our esteemed clientele. Along with this, he also plays an important role in branding, marketing and business development. He is a results-oriented bio-entrepreneur with exemplary passion for developing relationships, cultivating partnerships, and growing business.

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Covid work

The time of the bitter test! The decade of experience and decision-making skills were Nirav Biosolution’s pillars of strength in the pandemic. Along with the world, it was the toughest period of challenges that required our blood and sweat. It gives us immense pride while mentioning that Nirav was on front foot to serve the nation through its contribution, when no commercial kits were available during the first wave. During the pandemic, ICMR-NIV was the epicenter of testing the COVID-19 samples for samples across the country. Representing biotechnology, we had the responsibility of arranging the raw materials. Despite all the challenges and covid restriction, we had to produce five times our normal productivity with the resources at hand. In 2020, we crossed 100cr plus turnover, stating our milestone. This has not only contributed to our confidence that we can handle such turnovers, but also we gained confidence our Principal companies. What was more satisfying was that we could be the ones to serve the nation in its most difficult time when we were most needed.