Get the immersive Hands-On experience with our Animal Cell Culture Workshop. Designed for students, this workshop offers practical experience and a solid foundation in animal cell culture. It is a fundamental skill for advancing research in areas such as cell biology, biotechnology, and drug development.

The workshop will be led by experienced biologists who have a strong background in Animal Cell Culture techniques and their applications. They will guide participants through hands-on activities, provide insights into best practices, and address any questions or challenges.

What is Animal Cell Culture?
Cell culture is the technique where cells are allowed to grow under controlled conditions, usually outside of their natural environment..

Animal cell culture is a technique in which the cells are removed and are allowed to grow in a favorable artificial environment.

The removal of tissue can either take place from tissue directly or from disaggregation by enzymatic or mechanical means before culture, or they may be originated from a cell line or cell strain that has been established earlier.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Overall lab orientation as an online and offline (included - lecture on basic lab hygiene, good laboratory practice, animal cell culture, etc.) lab visit- introduction to lab and lab instruments, SOP reading
  2. Animal cell culture-related Instruments observation, handling, calculations, media preparation, Observation of animal tissue culture technique, the practice of pipetting, demo training, cell count, flask/plate seeding, etc.
  3. Cell line revival, maintenance, passage, and cell count by haemocytometer Cell freezing, viva based on training and certification after successful completion of training; and viva.
  4. Analysis by flow cytometer data, viva based on training and certification after successful completion of training, and viva.

Workshop Details:

Duration: 2 Weeks of training, combining hands-on sessions, and interactive discussions.
Location: Conveniently located in Aundh, Pune.
Materials Provided: Please refer the brochure for details

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Workshop Format:The workshop will be conducted over 2 weeks, combining hands-on laboratory sessions, and interactive discussions. Participants will work under the guidance of the lab head gaining practical experience that reinforces theoretical concepts.

Who Should Attend:This workshop is suitable for researchers, and students who have a basic understanding of molecular biology and want to enhance their skills in animal cell culture techniques.

Elevate your research capabilities and career prospects with our Hands-On Animal Cell Culture Workshop. Acquire practical skills, gain insights from industry experts, and foster a deeper understanding of animal cell culture techniques. Join us in this transformative journey that promises to enhance your skills and advancements in life sciences. Register now to secure your spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the timing for the training?
Ans:   10.30 am to 6 pm

Q. What is the schedule for the IABRD training modules?
Ans:   Three modules we posted on our website -
          1. Animal cell culture
          2.Flow cytometry
          3. RT-PCR
          These three modules are scheduled in the first month, second, and third month of each quarter respectively.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria for Basic Animal Cell Culture?
Ans:   At least a final year undergraduate student

Q. How long does the Basic Animal Cell Culture Hands-on Training course take?
Ans:   2 Weeks

Q. How many days a week are we required to attend the training sessions
Ans:   Five days a week - (Monday to Friday)

Q. Will we get hands-on experience during training?
Ans:   Yes, As per the available time at the time of training

Q. Will the certificate be provided?
Ans:   Yes, After successfully completing the training and the short viva.

Q. How many experiments are covered in the training period?
Ans:   As per the provided brochure of the training module

Q. Will I receive the guidance to write the research paper?
Ans:   No

Q. Can I use the generated raw data for personal use?
Ans:   No, the generated Raw data is only for training purposes only

Q. Can I publish my work?
Ans:   No, you cannot publish your work until you receive permission from HOD, and the directors.

Q. Can I take Photos of the results?
Ans:   No, Photography is strictly prohibited.

Q. What is the fee structure of the basic Animal Cell Culture?
Ans:   Please Refer to the respective brochure or connect with us via Email at inquiry@niravbiosolutions.com or contact us at 8380036211, for more information.

Q. Is the fee inclusive of GST?
Ans:   No, course fees do not include GST.

Q. If I still have some questions, who can I speak to?
Ans:   Please contact us using the WhatsApp feature available at our website
          Email on inquiry@niravbiosolutions.com
          Call us at 8380036211 for further information.

Q. I am unable to email you, what should I do?
Ans:   Please contact us using the WhatsApp feature available at our website
          Call us at 8380036211 for further information.