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Broaden Your Horizons: A Guidepost for Organising Your Projects.
By the time you are about to finish your graduation you are in the process of learning how real research differs from science learned in the books and classroom is what undergraduate and post graduate research internships are all about. The benefits of spending some time in a different lab, working with different people, are well know. A 3-6 months internship can be your first opportunity to really 'get your hands dirty' and work on your own project in IABRD. At IABRD, While working on projects, you learn new scientific techniques and how to design experiments, analyze results, formulate hypotheses, and keep a lab notebook. In the best cases, you always work closely with a supervisor who guides and inspires you. Yet despite the focus on real research, real progress in most programs is regarded as a bonus and not the main objective. As we are committed towards logical and technically advanced environment for research consultation and training of life sciences and medical sciences. IABRD is one stop solution for all Genomics, proteomics and cell culture training, projects & Internships. We conduct two kinds of projects

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Six months Masters Project.
This program will be focussed on generating a publication out of your project work, over and above to exposure to all techniques like good pipeting practices,basic cell culture, Realtime PCR, Flow cytometry and western blotting.. Key value additions in this project will be to develop soft skills, like preparing CV, Mock interview, Scientific writing, etc. Also placement assistance will be provided against this project. Learn more about our internship projects openings and apply online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the timing for the training?
Ans:   10.30 am to 6 pm

Q. What is the eligibility criteria for an Internship?
Ans:   Students who are pursuing their Master’s degree

Q. What is the duration for Internship?
Ans:   6 Months

Q. How many days do we have to come in a week for training?
Ans:   Five days a week - (Monday to Friday)

Q. How many times will we get hands-on training?
Ans:   As per the time available at the time of training.

Q. Will the certificate be provided?
Ans:   Yes, After successfully completing the training and the short viva.

Q. How many experiments are covered in the training period?
Ans:   As per the provided training module or brochure.

Q. Will I receive the guidance to write the research paper?
Ans:   No

Q. Will I receive any placement assistance?
Ans:   Yes

Q. Can I use the generated raw data for personal use?
Ans:   No, the generated Raw data is only for dissertation purposes only

Q. How many pages have to be in the report?
Ans:   As per your institute’s criteria or max 10 pages.

Q.Do I need to bring the drug with me?
Ans:   Yes, you can, but We can also provide you with the drugs available with us which will attract more cost.

Q. Can I publish my work?
Ans:   No, you cannot publish your work until you receive permission from HOD, directors.

Q. Can I take Photos of the results?
Ans:   No Photography is strictly prohibited.

Q. What is the fee structure of the Internship?
Ans:   Please refer to the brochure
          Connect with us via Email at
          contact us at 8380036211, for more information.
          Fees will be refunded if you continue your internship for next 6 Months.

Q. Is the fee inclusive of GST?
Ans:   No, course fees do not include GST.

Q. If I still have some questions, who can I speak to?
Ans:   Please contact us using the WhatsApp feature available at our website
          Email on
          Call us at 8380036211 for further information.

Q. I am unable to email you, what should I do?
Ans:   Please contact us using the WhatsApp feature available at our website
          Call us at 8380036211 for further information.

Q. How to apply for an internship?
Ans:  Please connect with us via Email:

Q. We would love to visit your company, what do we need to do for that?
Ans:   Please connect with us via Email: