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IABRD - Institute of Applied Biological Research & Development

Unlock Boundless Discoveries with the Institute of Applied Biological Research & Development (IABRD): Make IABRD, your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Research Services.

Welcome to our State-of-the-Art Biotechnology Lab “Institute of Applied Biological Research & Development” (IABRD). We provide research services, maintenance solutions, and training.

Through our training, many of our students are placed in many reputed institutes like Serum, Kolhapur University, and other research institutes. Add more institutes.

Research Services:
For Biotechnologists across the globe, our lab stands as a beacon of excellence, offering unparalleled research services that propel research forward. Our team is well equipped with the latest tools and technologies. From tissue culture to drug discovery, our expertise spans a wide spectrum, ensuring your research goals are not only met but surpassed and you are satisfied.


  • We, at IABRD, conduct technically advanced courses that promote the best scientific interaction in an informal but inclusive way.
  • We are keen on nurturing competent biologists with the potential to innovate, invent, and disseminate knowledge to develop world-class solutions for the benefit of research and industry.
  • With our hands-on training, we Aim towards enhancing student's skills, grasping power, logical thinking, and as a result probable employability.
  • With our hands-on training, we Aim towards enhancing student's skills, grasping power, logical thinking, and as a result probable employability.

Why Choose Us?


  • We provide flexible ways to associate with each other.
  • Utilize our lab facilities on a rental basis on an hourly basis.
  • Get research services outsourced on a CPT basis.
  • Buy Kits from us and get free access to lab services.
  • We encourage students / RAs to attend the experiments to have better confidence in data for all in-house experiments.
  • Get faster to publication.
  • Experienced team to handle projects.
  • Pre-validated protocols for cell-based assays.
  • Well maintained instruments with timely calibration.


  • Time saved to the publication itself is a big cost benefit.
  • Eliminate intensive Capex or facility maintenance expenses.
  • For pre-optimized analysis/tests in the lab, no need of buying entire kits for experimental workflow, you may work on a CPT basis.
  • With meticulous planning we minimize repetition you save on precious samples.
  • High throughput machines like Flow cytometer and Luminex 200 provide multiple data points in single experiments.
  • Through our collaborations, you get access to high-end instruments and custom services.

Our Offerings:

  • Sanger Sequencing, NGS (Illumina and Ion S5), and bioinformatics services.
  • Toxicology and Preclinical Services
  • Synthetic Gene Services, Custom Peptide Synthesis, and Antibody production through Hybridoma technology
  • Primer and Probe Synthesis
  • Mass Spec, LCMS, MS-MS, HPLC, UHPLC, GC services
  • Confocal Microscopy Services
  • Biowaiver and DMPK services for new drug molecules
  • Faculty and student training program